Open letter to Today Tonight Today

Dear Today Tonight,

I was watching an ad for your thrilling up coming show. As you know, it is about how beggars are frauds and how bad behaviour is rewarded for people who run companies… or something. I don’t really remember, I was already shouting at the TV with anger and shaken fist.

You have stooped very low in this episode of tabloid entertainment, and it frightens me that you may have a foot hold on the majority of Australia’s liberal voting public. Let me just ask you this; Why are you getting rewarded for shit journalism? Why aren’t you being exposed as fraudulent when you chew on any stupid story you can find? (By the way, thank you for telling me which laundry detergent is good for my eyes!)

One more thing, I hate that you comment after every story, acting like you care. Just go and shove your pantless or skirtless careers up your ass, you tosser. I hate you! Go and die!

Love your biggest fan

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