Danny Wallace is up to it again!

Now if you dont have a clue who Danny Wallace is, let me tell you…

He is the man who started the “Are you Dave Gorman” Adventure by drunkand challange. This bet was for Dave Gorman to find 52 (I think) other Dave Gormans in a set time frame. They went all over Europe and Britian to find them and even had a few people change their names! He was also the man who accidently started his own cult “Join Me” and now has people all over the world doing random acts of kindness on a Friday.

Now what is he up too? Well it’s the logical next step. He is starting his own country!

He is starting a cyber nation and wants citzens to join. So, if you want to be apart to “shape a truly inspiring new nation”

Go to http://www.citizensrequired.com/ and become a citizen!

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