World of Warcraft movies

If you, like me, are painfully addicted to WoW or even if you are just curious and have a nice phat pipe, check out these two videos by a guy called Tristan (not my friend Tristan),
Here Without You
and Not JUST Another Love Story. The second one is especially hilarious and includes some good old PVD in the rave scene. I also recommend you n00bs check out the for some tips on how to 0wn.

Last night I tested Cosmos UI, and I now don’t think I can play the game without it. It shows you how long till you level (at the rate you are currently going), you can move the windows around, it tells you when you are low mana, shows you when monsters have gone beserk or are crushing you, shows you how long till a spell or ability is used, has maps for dungeons, has a clock in local time, adds a new bar down the bottom (this is absolutely gold especially if you are a mage like me). There are hundreds of other little improvements, and it will take you a while to set it up just like you like it but I gaurantee you won’t regret it.

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