I caught the security bus home tonight. Since this is a University service I wonder what will happen with VSU? I have always wondered with security services, gated communities, etc., what would happen if we spent the money we spend on these services fixing the problems in the neighbourhoods. No more obvious example than Katrina, the money spent fighting terrorism is supposed to protect our ‘way of life’ and lives, yet how many lives would have been saved if a tiny fraction of the money was spent building a wall.

It is very weird living in Redfern, I often feel like I’m intruding upon sacred land. I have walked home twice and neither time I have ever felt in danger, although I have seen smashed car windows and other damage. I have never once been mugged and so I guess I have an arrogance about it; I get afraid and I’m cautious, but at the same time its hard for me to really feel in danger when it hasn’t happened to me. I will probably continue to walk until I am mugged.

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