I have moved to Waterloo with Nichole. Move went pretty well except for our couch not fitting (it has now been replaced with a smaller one). Everything is basically set up, except for internet (we are using dialup). Currently waiting for ADSL2+, internode has locked us in but have told us that our exchange will be upgraded in 4-8 weeks. Moreover, I asked if I could be put on ADSL1 for now until its ready, and they said I would then have to pay a $99 disconnection fee to switch! Internode are a great company with a quality reputation, they provide our main line at work which is used 24/7. However this is really terrible customer service, there may be a technological reason behind it (I think Telstra might charge them to disconnect from ADSL1) but they should just pay that on behalf of the customer I reckon. If I wasn’t obsessed with having the fastest internet I would consider switching.

ADSL2+ is supposed to go up to 24000/8000 kbits/s but in reality goes around 1/6th of that on average (from reading whirlpool). Should be around 5000 which will still be very sweet. And internode have heaps of free content.

I’m also building a media pc. Managed to snag an athlon 2400 xp, 512mb ddr333 ram, 2x80gig sata drives and ak77 mobo for $340 which is pretty sweet. Nice snazzy case, good TV card, decent graphics card should pull in at just under $400. Then I’ll put mythtv on it, tunez (my own version) and a few other apps. Should be v. sweet. What do we think of this case? Unfortunately my mobo is ATX not micro and that thing is ridiculously overpriced but damn it looks awesome.

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