Month: February 2006

  • William St.

    As most of you know I work on William St., currently undergoing a “makeover” which mostly means a huge widening of the streets and a some trees. That this is a measure designed to increase traffic in the cross-city tunnel is not a secret and that it was ever billed as an upgrade is ridiculous.…

  • How not to defrost a Fridge

    Ok so I have only been out of home for a couple of months and so far everything has been excellent except for the giant piece of ice growing in the fridge. So today I decided to tackle it. I left the fridge off for a couple of hours, I think from about 3pm till…

  • Super Mario Brothers Kill Bill

    Alvin found this Kill Bill fight seen with Super Mario Brothers sounds dubbed in.

  • Xen

    Xen is a linux virtualization technology written in python twisted. Its main features are ease of use, speed and the ability to pause virtual machines or live migrate across hosts. At first, I thought Xen was just another product like User-Mode linux or VMware, cool in theory but probably just ok in practice. Luckily, I…

  • Electric Sheep

    This is a screensaver that uses a p2p network to download incredible high resolution trippy effects. Its the best visualizations I have seen in a long time. Check it out, Electric Sheep. Be aware that there are some security vulnerabilities for old versions.