HOWTO: Nice new mail announcements with Ubuntu Dapper and Thunderbird

First install the Mailbox Alert Extension. Then install libnofity and dbus. These are new messaging libraries apt-get install libnotify1 libnotify-bin dbus Open Thunderbird. Click on Tools->Current Mailbox Alert. Try this command: /usr/bin/notify-send -i /usr/share/pixmaps/mozilla-thunderbird.xpm %sendername %subject Then whenever you get new mail you’ll get a nice little notification in the bottom right hand corner.

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Eamon sent me this interesting program Hamachi (Wikipedia Article). I don’t think I will install it because its very hard to know whether its really secure. I’m especially skeptical about claims that its offers effortless VPN networks. There is good reason that there is effort involved in setting up IPsec, SSL tunnels or any other […]

Continue reading is now hosted on I have moved two of my domains over to them because they were recommended by a friend and I have so far found their support, prices and service excellent. If you are looking to launch websites that have low storage requirements (their storage prices are quite comparatively expensive) then […]

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