Month: December 2004

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas. BoingX2 provides a guy who pretended to be the CEO of starbucks and emailed an assistant at starbucks in HR and got him to do ridiculous hilarious things. That has the spirit of Christmas all over it.

  • b3ta

    Why wear your glasses on your nose when you can attach them to your nose? Check out this guy’s trip to Russia where all he does is try and pick up. He seriously meets over a hundred girls yet he’s the most baby faced asian man ever. Strange guy, his website has anti-Christian stuff yet…

  • b3ta

    Credit where credits due, this is very clever. Whats that song? Type in a band name, it searches on Amazon for the band, then it gets all the sample tracks and makes a little quiz out of it where you have to guess the names!

  • Mini Movie Reviews

    Movies I have seen recently that deserve a review but I’m too lazy to write a proper one. Napolean Dynamite This movie is about a quirky nerd and the tries and tries of his strange family. Lots of stop-start, slow humour. If you like to laugh at the awkward and the bizarre, or if you…

  • 21st Photos

    Begin here, end here.

  • Game Review – Half Life 2

    I haven’t updated this website in a long time quite literally because I was completely addicted to Half Life 2. In the history of game technologies this game will go down as being a bold step forward. Just as the Half Life 1 was finally dying, Half Life 2 will take its place online for…

  • b3ta

    McRorie, one man band. Japanese sex guide. Child gimp suit.