Why wear your glasses on your nose when you can attach them to your nose? Check out this guy’s trip to Russia where all he does is try and pick up. He seriously meets over a hundred girls yet he’s the most baby faced asian man ever. Strange guy, his website has anti-Christian stuff yet his journal is filled with stuff about God and Satan and omens. His website also has material rebutting multi-level marketing scams, yet he gets scammed in Russia. All too weird. Yes I got a bit obsessed by this partly cause he is just so damn candid. He writes in his journal about all sorts of strange things he did.

A true insight into the male mind, he is willing to believe all sorts of crazy lies and right up until the parting moments with this girl who has lied and abused him all along he is asking her to marry him. He is completely obsessed with the grade and calibre of the girls he is dating, and how in America such girls would not even look his way. It is so sad that people are so obssessed with beauty. The strange thing is he gets really excited when he meets a down to earth girl who is insanely attractive, but yet treats them like they exist on a higher sphere of the earth. No wonder there isn’t any down to earth attractive girls, they are off taking advantage of people like this. At any level, its a tribute to the internet that it has allowed this bizarre depth of interaction with complete strangers. What does it mean that you can view other people’s photo albums without needing to be their friends? I guess it means that people with disabilities or who live in remote locations can now communicate. But it also means there is a massive sink hole for those who want to waste time and things that in the past required friends now no longer do (yay! See ya fuckers!). I think this will radically alter how we view the public space, and make us more aware of that which we keep intentionally private. 90% of people cannot live like this man with their entire sad lives on the net, its wrong.


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