The Country of Hutt River holds Comedian Captive

Around 1969, in Western Australia, The Hutt River declared itself as an individual country apart Australia. It is ruled by a king, Leonard Casley and apparently by the Law of Australia, only the Government of Hutt River Province is the Authority to Govern the Territory and the people of Hutt River Province.

This extract is from this Petition

On Friday, February 4th, a night of comedy featuring some of Melbourne’s top comedians was held in Hutt River, the independent province in the Australian state of Western Australia. The idea was to fly over there for one night, do the gig, entertain the constituency of Hutt River, and return home the next day.

The gig itself was a good one, but at some point, new young comic Tommy Dassalo got himself into an argument with some of the Hutt River people and was detained.

Despite the other comedians protesting at what had happened, Tommy has not yet been released. He is still there.

Apparently, Tommy broke Hutt River’s laws, which the comedians were all briefed on upon arrival. We, the undersigned, are not questioning or attempting to undermine the rule of HRH Prince Leonard in any way. However, we feel after nearly a week’s incarceration, that Tommy has learnt his lesson, and would like to see him released as soon as possible.

This bizarre story is being discussed on the comedy forum Mosh, and the thread can be seen here

The main points that are being discussed are;
– Why hasn’t the WA police been contacted. Some say there is more at stake and that WA police may arrest him.
– Is it a publicity stunt for the comedy festival to be held in Melbourne in April.

It is a heavy and strange story to come out of the world of comedy.

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