WoW UI Addons

Here are the WoW UI addons I use. * indicates I consider it essential.

  • FlightPath*. Lists the locations you can fly to on the map. This should have just been part of the original game
  • Auctioneer*. Lists the price that things sell at and polls the auction house.
  • Titan Bar*. A bar at the top of the screen that shows all kinds of stats.
  • Gatherer*. Remembers where herbs/deposits are and allows you to search its database
  • Cosmos. I still love good old Cosmos for a whole variety of additions. I really like how it gives you combat information, knowing when a monster has gone berzerk is extremely useful. It also includes SkyParty which I would love our whole guild to get. It shares Quest information using special chat channels and therefore you can know when everyone in your quest has finished a party.

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