Death’s Waiting Room Review

If you like cocks, boobs and being shocked – death’s waiting room could be for you.

I say could be for you.

The play is set as a rehearsal/performance of a circus trop.

The players
– The Ring Master
– Fat Clown
– Skinny Clown
– Ariel (acrobat)
– Strawberry (freak with your fin)
– Marie Antoinette (The man who though he was a woman.)
– Salior Whore
– School Girl Whore
– Nurse Whore
– Bondage Whore

The actors were fantastic, the set was pretty amazing and everything was used well. It used so many theatrical styles such as absurdist, circus and musical. It was very physical.

The play itself was in my opinion amazing. But it is something that would be solely opinion based. You will either love it, appreciate it but not like it or just not like it. The play pushes the boundaries and then dances all over them.

I felt so many emotions during the play – I felt aroused, to humoured to shocked and slightly disgusted.

You don’t feel really attached to the characters (well, maybe in the sense of enjoying the flesh) – because they are unpredictable freaks and there was no reason to feel for them.

It was a very dark comedy that explored a sort of sub-human experience with recognisable culture symbols.

I loved Deaths Waiting Room. In a world, where the most successful entertainment doesn’t let you feel anything but shallow feeling this was refreshing. Some bits did make me recoil – but it was an theatrical experience that was fun and a master of work.


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