The curse of the envigilator begins

Every year I seem to have exam supervisors who really annoy me. Last year I had a guy who coughed really loudly every five minutes and would go outside and would have loud conversations we could all hear (so loud they were distracting).

This year’s candidate was Mr. Wheezy. This fat old guy wheezed his way through a two hour exam (which he bizarrely started early giving us more time – I guess he thought he was running out of it). For god sake man if you are dying surely you have something more important to do than envigilate. Mr. Wheezy you are first place in the running to be this years most annoying exam supervisor.

Side kick girl made a big show of making me put my second calculator on the floor because it was still in its packaging (and could therefore contain exam answers on the box!). Then she asked if the person behind me could borrow it, and naturally I said yes. This was followed by a loud announcement an hour later about what exactly had taken place (referring to me as Mr. Heenan… a real Mr.!).

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