Our Shame

Our shame is our media, especially the Sydney Morning Herald who printed
this article
over the weekend filled with racist quotes and with the text message that told everyone to go to Cronulla. How many would have shown up if that article hadn’t been printed? Reading the article you can see how merely printing someone elses remarks can be seen as validating them. SMH printed an article about an us and them war, obviously designed to incite feelings of racial hatred. The title of the article is “A lesson in beach etiquette and manners”, not racist thugs from the shire are losers.

Today their Poll allows you to select among options such as “Alcohol” or “Stupidity” but notably absent is the “Media” option.

I hope Neil McMahon is charged for sedition. I hope the photographer who took this photo is bashed by the next mob he takes a picture of. If you see someone in a situation like that you try and help them, you don’t take a photo.

That 5000 people in the shire got together, got drunk and behaved like racist wankers on the weekend is not news. It happens in smaller numbers every weekend. Our shame is a media that has forgotten David Hicks, has forgotten all those in detention and who has given up reporting on a government that is abusing its senate majority. Shame on you.

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