Things you don’t want to hear at 5am

The incestant click click click of the stove. I found Nichole staring at the stove and was about to explain its operation to hear before I realised the clicking was the igniter spark going over and over about every second (much slower than it goes if you press the button down). We called Energy Australia after their commercials convinced me that they employed very tall people and I was told that there had to be a powerpoint near the stove or a battery for the unit to be powered from. I exaplained that it was built into the kitchen top but still we searched for the powerpoint to no avail. After looking up the installation manual for the stove I discovered that there was a powerpoint in the right hand corner underneath the stove top. I unscrewed the burners and lifted up the stove. Underneath I discovered the problem – there was some water underneath the stove that had found its way through and it was causing a short with the connectors to the transformer.

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