Internet options in Sydney

Before today the house here had no phoneline so I had to do a TCO on all available internet options. At first I concentrated on wireless because I assumed that the $30 line rental fee was going to be a killer on my own. There are wireless plans out there that have a fairly decent amount of bandwidth per month say 24gb, but they were all offered from exetel (who are reselling unwired). All the other plans had limits around the 2gb mark or were $90 or more putting them well outside my budget (and a complete ripoff).

So I contact exetel to let me know that I’m interested and they tell me they don’t have any modems and have no idea when they will be getting more. No problem I say – who can I purcahse a modem off? Ebay was the response. That ended my dealings with exetel.

So I went back to trusty ADSL2+ my old friend and considered it once more. It turns out that Telstra have a new budget phone line which only costs $20/month. Add another $60/month for Internode ADSL2+ 20gb plan and I’m home sailing. Perhaps $20 more than what the wireless plan would have cost but I’m hoping someone in the house will come on board with this because that unwired crap is just a complete ripoff.

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