Site Upgraded to WordPress, New Cleaner Theme, Junk Removed

Hi Friends,

This site has languished for quite a while for various reasons. The gap it filled in terms of sharing interesting things I found on the web was largely replaced by social media, and I went through a period of not knowing what to write about or how to go about it.

I’ve recently migrated all content over to WordPress and removed most of the older articles that were no-longer relevant. Hopefully I can get back into the habit of writing semi-regularly for this site.

My host has done a fantastic of job of making the process of installing wordpress an absolute snap, including securing the site.

My first attempting at importing the content was to import the RSS that I had output previously, using ugly handwritten PHP. This didn’t work because the XML was not fully conformant, and it wasn’t properly RSS2 anyway. Instead I wrote a small Python script using PyRSS2Gen┬áthat output valid RSS2 XML and input that into WordPress which worked flawlessly.

There are likely lots of little things broken with the site, please bare with me while I get all that fixed up and leave a comment if you find anything obviously broken.

Cheers and welcome back internet.

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