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  • Skype Spam – Spoofed Messages – Hi ! I advise to visit the link

    On Sunday (05/07/2015 – Australian Date Format) my Skype sent out a series of links to people in the format of the title above. I was using the computer at the time but I wasn’t doing anything on Skype. My first thought was a virus, malware or trojan so I ran a full scan of…

  • Site Upgraded to WordPress, New Cleaner Theme, Junk Removed

    Hi Friends, This site has languished for quite a while for various reasons. The gap it filled in terms of sharing interesting things I found on the web was largely replaced by social media, and I went through a period of not knowing what to write about or how to go about it. I’ve recently…

  • /usr/lib/grub/grub-mkconfig_lib line 51 segmentation fault

    If you receive this error while trying to do an upgrade of your kernel on stable debian, it could be because your is wrong. Try the following: mv /boot/grub/ /boot/grub/ mkdevicemap

  • ActionView::TemplateError (no block given) when using find_all

    No block given aye? One of the problems with the magic of rails is that you get very magic error messages back. In my case the fix was to use find(:all) instead of find_all() which has now been deprecated

  • OpenVPN: Dynamically create IPtables rules based on LDAP group membership

    I’m releasing two small perl scripts I wrote which provide the client-connect and client-disconnect scripts for OpenVPN such that you can dynamically create IPtables firewall rules based on LDAP group memberships. You push out routes to all your internal networks to the user then using IPtables only allow traffic to specific destinations and ports. This…

  • Webfaction

    I signed up my django project to WebFaction. I’m currently evaluating their service and will post my opinion of them once I get the site up and running.

  • Wikileaks

    I just donated $25USD to Wikileaks. Please go there and watch their latest video, it was very disturbing but its important that you we the war in Iraq as it really is.

  • Music Blog: Sound Fleet

    So me and some friends decided it would be a good idea to start up a group music blog. Its still very fresh but I enjoyed hammering out a few posts. If your also a music lover contact me and we will continue adding you to the blog (after a rigorous interview process of course).…

  • Background/Wallpaper Desktop Switcher

    Was looking around for a good free background desktop switcher, and I found so much crap. Google struggles to find good free software and instead preferences spam websites and commercial software, its very frustrating. Anyway I’ve started using John’s Background Switcher and so far it works great.

  • Choosing the right SSL certificate

    Not all SSL certificates are the same, here is a rough round-up of differences: Verification Levels There are three basic levels of verification: domain only, domain and business, and domain business and identity of representative. Domain only is actually quite weak authentication when you think about it, it doesn’t prove you are who you say…