Now… the good news (title from 60 mintues)

I don’t have much respect for the news in Australia. What it covers, how it covers a story, and how it does affect people is a very scary thing.

This open-letter to Sixty Minutes was spawned by the following news story and a fight with my mother questioning if Shane Warne is BAD .
(Her argument is that he is a pig, and she hates him. I say, I don’t condone what he has done, and I think he is a bit of an arrogant smacktard. But I believe the media loves him because he is a good heel. Although is he as bad as the nation thinks he is?)

After all we’ve seen and heard about Shane Warne in the last few days — after all the other disasters in England — here’s a refreshing change. On the eve of the Ashes series, good news about Aussie cricket, two of the most genuine blokes you’re ever likely to meet. First, captain Ricky Ponting, who’s had to confront some pretty frightening personal demons. Then his deputy, Adam Gilchrist, who’s had his private trials too. But in both cases, they’ve come out on top thanks to the quiet strength of two people you don’t hear about all that often — the two women who taught them the real meaning of cricket.

Dear 60mintues,

I have just endured a part of another high standard Australian news item, which as soon as I finished my dinner I found myself walking out of the room in disgust. You have painted another, quite sickening twist, to the Shane Warne media saga.

You set the scene by comparing Shane Warne to his genuine team “mates” Ricky Ponting and Adam Gilchrist, and them linking all their success to their wives. I found the part of the story I watched unrealistic, patronising and disgusting.

In this story Ponting and Gilchrist were described as “SNAGS”, “Softies”, and “Flawless”. Presenting these men as the perfect Australian male. You showed images of them being great fathers, flawless husbands, good community members and top blokes. Which may be true in an aspect but is unrealistically sustainable. Anyone who is human should be aware that none is that perfect..

Although, I congratulate you bringing up the harsh realities these men have had to face and then ruin it by showing how simple it was to overcome the problems and emotion provoking soppy music. In the same hand you congratulated the wives for their roles in getting them through. I would have thought that the congratulations should have been extended to both parties, because a relationship, by my definition at least is collaborative effort.

I do have to mention my disgust of the way Liz Hayes seemed to have a great day out with the girls. Not only did she present these men in shining armour as softies, and snags but lead their wives to make light hearted harmless fun of their husbands . E.G – The home duties of the men.

Lastly, I need to question to use of the statement “the two women who taught them the real meaning of cricket”? Maybe I missed how the wives achieved this. Or maybe the writer needing a good line to draw people in, and just ended up putting a group of words together, while trying to seem credible.

Yours insincerely,
Nichole Kemsley

P.S – Are you proud of comparing Shane Warne to these wonderful team mates of his? Do you think there it will be MORE uncomfortable when the team meets up again?

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